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Rookie Yearbook Two - Tavi Gevinson Allegiant  - Veronica Roth

I uploaded my first video in quite a while, and received some books I've been longing for!


And I talk about an Emma Watson interview, which you can find here:  http://rookiemag.com/2013/05/emma-watson-interview/ 

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Book review of Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl.


Her voice was preserved. Out of the millions that were silenced, this voice was no louder than a child's whisper... It has outlasted the shouts of the murders and has soared above the voices of time.
- Ernst Shnabel

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All That I Am

All That I Am (French Edition) -

(maybe three and a half, but more four than three)


What I like about this book:


1. The prologue is absolutely fantastic. The author tells you all the little details you want to know, and at the same time Anna Funder gets right to it. Ruth and Hans are introduced, the storyline is laid out, and it sets you in a mood.


2. While reading you get the story from two perspectives and I really like this, though it at times is a bit confusing and dragging. Getting two perspectives is especially important for the character Dora. As a reader you need the two sides of her. The author could of course have made Ruth tell everything, but I do think that Toller was the only one who could get the story about her right.


3. The most important thing about this book is that it showed how impossible it was for anyone to do anything about the situation they saw coming in Germany. Dora, Toller, Ruth, they all tried, but no one would open their eyes and see what was actually going on.


4. I grew to love the characters and I could feel their pain. I felt the hopelessness and the sadness. All in all this book made me feel and it made me think. Should Ruth, and myself, have seen it coming with Hans? Could Ruth have saved anyone?


Some things I did not like quite as much:


1. It was a bit confusing and difficult for me to read this book at times because I don't know very much about Germany in the years before WWII. There were of course some facts about it, but there could have been a little bit more. At the same time I feel like I can't really blame the author for this. She wrote a book and should be allowed to demand something from her readers.


2. The book was a little bit slow in the beginning. This might be because I only read a few pages at a time (I had to get of trains and get to classes ; ) ), but I was a little bit disappointed after the marvellous prologue.


3. The way Hans was written annoyed me a bit. He changes, as the readers know, as the story goes on. I know that he was a real person and that it actually happened, but I do feel like it should have been written another way. I believe Hans was quite a loving person, the way he was portrayed in the beginning of this book anyway, and I do understand that something probably snapped inside of him at one point, which made him change quite a bit. What I did not like was that we suddenly learnt about all the bad things he had ever done. It might just be my reaction to it all though, I liked Hans and maybe I, as a reader, wasn't ready for him to be doing all this...


Drømmehjerte - Cecilia Samartin

The story is touching and it makes me think. The best about this book were, however, parts of the author's writing.

Ruby the Red Fairy (Rainbow Magic Series #1)

Ruby the Red Fairy (Rainbow Magic Series #1) - Everyone should read this book! Especially if you are finishing your GoodReads-challenge...


Stargirl - Jerry Spinelli I randomly bought this book some years ago. And I never thought that I would enjoy it as much as I did! Now I just want to read the sequel.

Alle dør alene

Alle dør alene - Hans Fallada Well, what can I say about this book?It has taken me ages to read it. The book is very thick and I have read other books while reading this. I guess that tells you something?I find this book important, though I didn't enjoy it that much. The author tells you that everything matters, and he is right.Right now I don't have that much to say about it. Read it if you want to. I like it...

En dag

En dag - David Nicholls What a lovely book! I enjoyed it. And reading it in the end of summer was perfect. The two main characters, Emma and Dexter, are very cool. It is fun to read about them, especially when they are doing things together.I read this on in Norwegian and could absolutely read it in English too.

Bree Tanners korte nye liv. En Eclipse-roman (Book 5)

Bree Tanners korte nye liv. En Eclipse-roman (Book 5) - Torleif Sjøgren-Erichsen, Stephenie Meyer An okay book. I like the Twilight-series and therefore I had to read this one.

Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story

First Step 2 Forever - Justin Bieber Well... I am not a Belieber, and I read this one because my sister and I made a deal. I really like that there are a lot of pictures in it.

Hunden frå Baskerville

Hunden frå Baskerville - Ragnar Hovland,  Arthur Conan Doyle My first Sherlock Holmes book. And there is only one thing to say: absolutely super awesome!

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert Never again...

Last Song

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks One of my guilty pleasures is really enjoying Nicholas Sparks' love story. The last song is a beautiful book but also a beautiful movie. When you watch this movie you get something extra.